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CBDepot Opens Downtown

By | [email protected] | Estes Park Trail-Gazette ~ June 22, 2018 at 10:41am

On the grand opening of CBDepot, located in downtown Estes Park where Nana’s Nook used to be, General Manager Marisa Williams pointed out the variety of hemp based products the shop has for sale.

“We have infused coffees and teas,” began Williams. “We have infused honey, we also have capsules and tinctures and things like that for serious medical conditions like anxiety and depression. “We also have CBD water and CBD vaporizers, and that’s just a really quick, easy way for people to get immediate relief for pain.”

Cannabidiol, or CBD is a cannabis extract deriving from a hemp plant. It is seen to be effective in relieving pain and aches, anxiety and depression plus insomnia. CBD contains little to no THC, meaning there are no psychoactive side effects. Across the country, there are series of tests being conducted to better understand the benefits and side effects of CBD and the federal government is in the process of considering measures to legalize hemp.

The dose levels that CBDepot carries range from 15 mg to a 4,000 mg. According to the company, their products have less than one percent THC, which is untraceable in the body. As Williams describes the CBD dosages on hand and different ways people can digest CBD, she walked over to the showcase of pet treats on display.

“CBD is really great for anxious pets, pets that have separation anxiety,” she said. “It’s also really great for reducing joint pain in old dogs and give them a longer life span. And then great for allergies. If a dog is itching a lot [CBD] regenerates the skin cells really fast.”

David Watson is the owner of CBDepot. About six months ago, he launched the first CBDepot in Fort Collins near his medical and recreational marijuana dispensary Kind Care of Colorado. A few months ago, while visiting Estes Park, he was checking out the shops downtown when an empty storefront caught his eye.

“The amount of people that come to that town from other countries and all over the world, they can walk right in front of your store and they can be curious about it,” he said.

On opening day, Manager Williams said many tourists came in as well as a few locals; all curious about CBDs. She and the staff have had to do a lot of educating the past few days, but they have seen customers and window shoppers being receptive to the shop.

“When we first called up there,” he began, “They were like ‘Well timeout a minute! We’re going to need to do some research on this.’ Within a couple days they ran it up the flagpole to everyone and they said sure. They know I own the dispensary down here and they made it very clear to me that there were to be no commingling THC with CBD products.”

Although marijuana is legal Colorado state, Estes Park has determined the operation of marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana product manufacturing facilities, marijuana testing facilities and retail marijuana stores unlawful. But CBD is different. Watson said the town was open to CBDepot when applying for a business license with the town.

“Since this was the first proposed business of its kind in Estes Park, the Town carefully checked into the regulations before issuing a business license for the CBDepot,” said Estes Park’s Town Clerk Jackie Williamson. “We were able to issue the license because the products the owner is selling are defined by the State Constitution as industrial hemp and not marijuana. Industrial hemp products contain a percentage of THC less than 0.3 percent.”

In a dispensary, CBD can contain as much as 3 percent THC, which is what makes CBDepot different. Since CBDepot’s products contain less than one percent THC, the new business, located where Nana’s Nook used to be, is in the clear. CBD is not prohibited by Estes Park’s existing ordinances that prohibit medical and retail marijuana shops. Watson acknowledged that while CBDepot is working in Fort Collins, there is a chance it may not work in Estes Park. Although his current intention is for him and his team to educate.

“People who come in town are going to have the opportunity to come in our store and see first hand what CBDs are all about,” he said.


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